People Succession

People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies


by Carol Bergeron


A provocative read for executives, the board of directors, and people managers in middle-market and aspiring middle-market companies who choose to groom the next generation of leaders while reducing the risk of organizational underperformance due to job vacancies and capabilities’ shortages. Learn more

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About Bergeron Associates™

Bergeron Associates™ connects people with business strategy so that strategic vision becomes reality. Since 1998, our passion focuses on helping people and organizations soar successfully to new heights.

We help you:

Re-Envision a new strategic direction.
Re-Energize the team by bridging strategic vision to operational planning.
Re-Imagine the workforce and prepare people for the bright future.

Hallmarks of our consulting, facilitating, coaching and advisory services:

  • Our solutions are grounded in the strategic goals and culture of your organization.
  • We collaborate and customize with you to capitalize on existing strengths and maximize organizational fit and commitment. 
  • Our approaches apply to: the whole organization, merger & acquisition integrations, divisions, business units, departments, teams, and individuals.