Book: People Succession


People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies

by Carol Bergeron


A must read for executives, the board of directors, and people managers in middle-market and aspiring middle-market companies who want to proactively groom the next generation of leaders while reducing the risk of organizational underperformance due to job vacancies and capabilities’ shortages.        

This succinct read is tailored to today’s busy business leaders:

  • Loaded with first-hand experiences shared by 25+ executives in middle-market companies.  
  • Provides a road map of the 7 steps in the people succession process and time saving tips. 
  • Identifies the top 9 derailers and how to address them.
  • Reveals sensible approaches used by busy executives when preparing people for future responsibilities.
  • Speaks to CEO succession, board issues, and the monitoring of key performance indicators for determining if your people succession works. 

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