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Re-Imagine the Workforce and Leverage the Right Talent Management Solution


Organizations are only as good as the people they employ and the partners with whom they choose to do business. We help you re-imagine the future workforce, build key capabilities and engagement, and benefit from a mix of highly integrated talent solutions that align with your business strategy and culture.

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Case Study


The Challenge

Our client was committed to providing best in class customized solutions (capital equipment and their systems application support) to its worldwide Fortune 1000 customers. The challenge? demanding customer delivery schedules, limited supply of skilled / industry experienced systems engineers, and fierce competition for talent.   


Collected insight from accomplished systems engineers. Redesigned the job with fewer “must have” requirements. Overhauled compensation design for attracting and retaining top talent. Gained traction in filling the talent pipeline with both internal and external candidates.  


Doubled the number of systems engineers promoted from within. Successfully recruited external talent through select recruiting organizations. Increased knowledge management initiatives to capture critical intellectual capital. 

Client Feedback

 “As the top human resources / organization development leader or our executive team, Carol Bergeron was instrumental in planning, implementing, communicating, monitoring and providing mid-course corrections for a series of successful organizational changes: the start of a joint venture, its full acquisition and then its turnaround. Challenges included centralization / decentralization of divisions and product lines, “right sizing” the global organization in volatile economic times. Carol’s solutions were practical, successful and aligned with organizational goals. 

Carol, an active and vocal contributor in a collegial senior management team, is strategic minded, operationally savvy, results oriented, highly ethical and resourceful. That is why she was called on repeatedly to lead new initiatives across the six division company. She would be an asset to any leadership team going through significant change including change in ownership and business strategy.” 

- President, high tech organization