People Succession

People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies


by Carol Bergeron


A provocative read for executives, the board of directors, and people managers in middle-market and aspiring middle-market companies who choose to groom the next generation of leaders while reducing the risk of organizational underperformance due to job vacancies and capabilities’ shortages. Learn more

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Succession Planning & Management

The purpose of People Succession is to build a bench of people for filling mission critical roles and possessing in-demand capabilities required for organizational sustainability and growth.

An effective People Succession Process is comprised of two interdependent parts. Succession planning identifies high performing people who have the potential to fill current and future talent needs required of the organization. Succession management encompasses the day-to-day efforts in preparing people for different responsibilities, building their skills, capabilities and confidence, and re-deploying them when organizational needs arise. 

The benefits of People Succession include:

  • Making the organization’s growth plan a reality.
  • Filling planned and unplanned mission critical roles quickly.
  • Reducing the risk of business disruptions and organizational underperformance due to job vacancies or key roles occupied by people not fully prepared.
  • Improving engagement, productivity, and retention among employees by investing in their development. 
  • Reducing reliance on the external talent pool; reduces recruiting costs; reduces employee relations issues resulting from filling many roles from the external talent pool. 
  • Improving your brand as employer of choice when you do recruit from the external talent pool.

Like any people practice, the upfront education of leaders is important so that the process is repeatable, fair, objective, evidence based, and supports your business strategy. 

Client Feedback

“We chose to work with Carol Bergeron in building our first people succession program because of her expertise, experience in working with organizations our size (1,300+ employees in multiple locations) and industry (healthcare services), guidance on design decisions that matched our company culture and business direction, thoroughness in preparing materials, project management skills, and facilitation of talent review sessions with executives. Like other critical business processes, such as strategic planning and product development, Carol recognizes the importance of a repeatable yet simple process so that new habits get formed. She has been instrumental in managing the ROI of our critical competitive advantage – people - and making key transitions to prepared successors. 

The executive team liked the experience and process so much that Carol facilitates our talent reviews regularly, we have asked her to help cascade program down into the organization, and she has facilitated strategic planning session too!” 

     - VP, Human Resources of health services company