People Succession

People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies


by Carol Bergeron


A provocative read for executives, the board of directors, and people managers in middle-market and aspiring middle-market companies who choose to groom the next generation of leaders while reducing the risk of organizational underperformance due to job vacancies and capabilities’ shortages. Learn more

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Re-Envision Strategic Direction

We help you re-envision strategic direction by boosting creative ideas from people who know the business best, gaining new insight by scanning external factors and trends, and weighing alternative strategies as a prelude to selecting big and bold strategic options that best serve your organization.

Some organizations prefer strategic planning that is facilitated in a modular, iterative format rather than an intensive multi-day offsite retreat. It strengthens the strategic thinking skills among participant leaders which can result in a bigger and bolder vision. It can also create an ongoing forum for refining strategic objectives and operational plan which is necessary in today's highly competitive, fast moving and dynamic world.      


Challenge: Rather than another 3-day grueling offsite, the CEO sought an approach to strategic planning that would (a) produce a new strategic direction, (b) instigate long-lasting excitement and dialogue among the leadership team, and (c) elevate strategic thinking skills among participant leaders new to the strategic planning process.  

Action: We customized and facilitated a modular based approach to strategic planning. We created and maintained a strategic thinking repository for quick, frequent, and future reference and refinement. 

Result: A new strategic direction and strategy, advanced strategic thinking skills of the leadership team, strengthened relationships among leadership team members, and a sustainable forum valued by the leadership team where strategic thinking, dialogue, and decision making continue.

Client Feedback

 “Working with Carol Bergeron through the strategic planning process has been a great success for our company and our leadership team. Firstly, the team’s ownership and excitement around our new strategic vision is profound and complete. Secondly, determining our vision and translating it into practical goals has provided us a solid framework for ongoing decision making. Lastly, the entire experience lifted the strategic thinking skills among all; we have a much more strategic team now than at the outset. 

Throughout the process, Carol demonstrated a command of effective strategic planning for the rapidly changing world we live in: she was adaptable in customizing each session to meet our team’s specific needs and she maintained fluid and comfortable facilitation style.

 I look forward to working with Bergeron Associates in the near future on other projects.”

     - CEO, manufacturing company