People Succession

People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies


by Carol Bergeron


A provocative read for executives, the board of directors, and people managers in middle-market and aspiring middle-market companies who choose to groom the next generation of leaders while reducing the risk of organizational underperformance due to job vacancies and capabilities’ shortages. Learn more

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Jeffry Mead


Jeffry Mead has worked with clients in manufacturing, consulting, healthcare, finance, education, retail and biotech/medical for over 22 years as a leadership coach and training & development consultant. 

Prior to consulting, Jeffry was a senior advisor with New England's largest executive coaching and outplacement consulting firm, vice president of an international search firm, and held leadership roles with two Fortune 500 organizations.

While at Boston College, Jeffry earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and worked as a personal, career and vocational counselor with MBA students at the Wallace School of Management. He received a Bachelor degree from Rutgers College in Education and Social Science.

Jeffry has appeared on television, in print and as a requested speaker on leadership and the "new world of work." He wrote a monthly column on "Working Smart" for the Middlesex News, contributed a chapter on performance management to the American Hospital Association's book, Transforming Healthcare, co-authored several chapters in the American Society for Quality’s book The Executive Guide to Improvement and Change and published articles on change management in “The TQM Magazine.”  

Samples of Jeffry’s engagements include:

  • Identified business blind spots, strategic pitfalls and possible solutions for a large operations group by administering 360-degree assessments across director-level staff. Rolled-up aggregate data, insights, and solutions. Coached directors on both an individual and group basis resulting in increased effectiveness.
  • Identified high potential leaders, created group and individual development plans, and implemented a leadership development program for a large health insurance corporation by creating a competency model, crafting an assessment instrument based on the model, developing and implementing a multi-year project plan to coach, train and evaluate leadership talent enterprise-wide. 

Sample Leadership Workshop Topics: 

  • How to establish and maintain a high-performance workplace culture
  • Strategic use of reward and recognition to reinforce behavioral norms
  • Behavior-based selection interviewing process and skills
  • How to effectively deliver and hear powerful constructive feedback
  • A model, process and skills for Influencing Stakeholders